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2010 - present

2010 - present

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By Georges Feydeau

Director: Gulu Monteiro

Role: Etienne, Homenides


Written in 1907, Georges Feydeau's classic French farce, A Flea in Her Ear, begins in an upscale turn-of-the-century French home, where a suspicious wife with way too much time on her hands suspects infidelity and concocts a plot to catch her suddenly inattentive husband in the act. She and her best friend Lucienne write an anonymous letter to lure him to a hotel and catch him red-handed. The letter doesn't find its intended target, though. It eventually falls into the hands of Lucienne's hot-tempered husband.



By Jeffrey Hatcher

Director: Natalia Lazarus & Steven Ullman

Role: Pablo Picasso


The curtain rises. We are in Paris, 1941. The sound of marching boots and the reality of the German Occupation. an underground vault. Pablo Picasso is thrown in!Mademoiselle Fischer, a beautiful, “cultural attaché”, from Berlin has arrested Picasso. She needs him to authenticate three of his pieces, recently “confiscated”, by the Nazis from their Jewish owners, for inclusion in a “degenerate art show”. Picasso needs to save his œuvre. Mademoiselle Fischer needs a Picasso to save her life. A true face to face ensues, wherein, all is at stake.



By Jean-Louis Darville

Director: Jean-Louis Darville

Role: Guy Melba and others...


After problems arise at one of the French consulates, the President of France decides to inspect all of their outposts in the U.S. He sends his best, most ruthless inspector to conduct the review of the Los Angeles consulate. The employees, caught off guard by the sudden procedure, make every attempt to delay the inspection, triggering unexpected love stories, situation reversals, misunderstandings and mishaps that all lead to a comical ending. 



By Antonon Potoski

Director: Astrid Bas

Role: Narrator


opologists say they are the only ones with the Egyptians to have noticed with the naked eye, among the stars, the existence of Sirius. From the top of the cliff they spot where each one is, so and so is in the field, look, so and so is in his courtyard, whereas I cannot even tell this courtyard from the others as the architecture and the gray mud look so much alike. When I reach the bottom, my arrival is never a surprise, they all see me when I appear on the crest of the cliff. They move on foot in a static world, the landscape evolves at the speed of their steps: everything that is not part of the static decor is registered and identified by the Dogon when the movement takes place, when the foreigner enters the bubble."



By Molière

Director: Gulu Monteiro

Role: Sganarelle


“The Doctor Despite Himself” took decisive aim at the medical establishment... in 1666. Despite being under the king’s protection, Moliere suffered from frequent and violent attacks from those he denounced. In 2009, healthcare is at the center of a national discussion, and the troupe appreciates the value in making people think about important issues through jest. Without sets, the staging is centered in the actor’s work and following the Buffoons’ tradition, the plot is a base with freedom for the actors to improvise, create scenes and seek a conspiracy with the audience. 



By Molière

Director: Dana Koellner

Role: X, Greed


The Miser's plot, involving a rich money-lender called Harpagon, whose feisty children long to escape from his penny-pinching household and marry their respective lovers, is a comedy of manners to which the 17th-century French upper classes presumably objected.

Every show at the People’s Theater is different!  The format of the show, however, is the same; come for dinner & drinks at 7pm with your friends or meet people, chat, network, discuss art etc.  Each show centers around one great literary work and from there we create as much of the world of the writer and the message of the work as possible, including music, dance, theatrical performances, poetry, original films etc. all of which vary from show to show.  

We strive to create a lively active forum for you to experience the world of the writer in an old world cafe setting filled with artists and patrons that encourage interaction. 

It’s NOT your typical theater show!



By Euripides

Director: Gulu Monteiro

Role: Tiresias, Messenger


The Ipanema Theater Troupe, L.A.'s award-winning theater ensemble, and The Electric Lodge present an exciting new adaptation of Euripides' The Bacchae. Directed by Brazilian director Gulu Monteiro, this staging incorporates the sensuality of Brazilian dance and an energizing percussive score that celebrates the play's homage to the cult of Dionysus, the god of wine, and his Bachantes.​​​​​​​​​



Group show

Los Angeles Artists Present Premiere Group Show in celebration of the Venice Centennial. Artist's Reception: Friday and Saturday, July 8 & 9, 2005 7:30 pm -10:30 pm The Electric Lodge 1416 Electric Ave Venice, CA 90291 In conjunction with the Electric Lodge, “In the Balance” invites you to explore the universal human experience with works allying various artistic media including painting, sculpture, photography, dance, theatre, music and video installation. “In The Balance” is a group of Los Angeles artists which initially formed after a successful showing at the 2004 event “Invent Oraison.” Varying in age, heritage, ethnicity, style and discipline, these artists represent a cross section of cultural diversity yet are united as a force of creative expression. They are established as a community of artists whose vision seeks to contribute a source of positive creative energy and possibility through interconnectedness. 



By Bertold Brecht

Director: Gulu Monteiro

Role: God, Brother


Earth has become a wasteland filled with heartless criminals and the desperate poor. The situation is so dire that the Gods themselves come down in search of one good person. And they find one, a prostitute called Shen Te. Brecht asks if it is possible to be good in a world such as ours. His answers are not easy, and they resonate profoundly in our own modern times. Considered by many as the greatest example of Brecht's "Epic Theatre," The Good Soul of Szechwan is one of Brecht's masterworks - a brilliant amalgam of musical theatre, comedy, drama and politics.


JUST FOR NOTHING (Pour un oui ou pour un non)

By Nathalie Sarraute

Director: Charles Fathy

Role: M2


M1 and M2 are friends since childhood. M1 became a successful professor and M2 a lonely writer. In the last few months, something has altered their friendship. M1 comes by to find out... what is revealed surprises them both.

"That's good ... isn't it?"  This little sentence, slipped into conversation, starts a confrontation that unravels an old friendship between two men. Nathalie Sarraute's fugue casually reveals the anguish and radical solitude of one man, given the unequivocal "no" of the other "like a comedy of survival,"


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