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A FLEA IN HER EAR at Stages Theatre, August 2001


In this production the actors are the main instrument.  Each actor is playing two or more characters; some with masks, some without.  The masks that will appear in this production have been conceived and created by the actors,themselves. The set will be minimal.  Lights will indicate time and place, and the audience will follow the performers as they move from an outdoor to an indoor theater.  The wardrobe will be a basic black accented by colors and elements that have been chosen to identify each character. The key to this project is simplicity.  Our goal is to illustrate how the actors’ work can stimulate the audience’s imagination. The evolution of each character has been documented on digital video.  The objective of this record is to include the audience in the actors’ process.  The audience will see how the characters were discovered and developed, and they will then experience the result as it unfolds on the stage.

Gulu  Monteiro

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