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Latest Fun: Boom Beach Teaser (Lieutenant)

One actor, several voices...


Charles has an extensive experience in voice-over as an actor, director, and coach from dubbing feature films to video games, documentaries, audio descriptions, promos, commercials and more. He is one of the most recognized French voices in Los Angeles.He has dubbed dozens of famous actors in French in more than 200 movies. His extensive dubbing experience includes directing other actors and leading workshops for French voice-over. He was the official French  voice for the launch of E! Entertainment and his clients include world-renowned companies like Apple, Sony, Honda, Warner, amongst others. He has now his own voice-over company Encore Voices.

Dubbing Reel


Barbie in a Fashion  Fairytale

Jacques Rousseau

Honda Accord


Animation - Charles Fathy
Naration - Charles Fathy
Promo - Charles Fathy
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